Madrid to Marrakech, the road trip

Embarked on the road trip on December 22, 2012. This time the route is from Madrid, Spain to Marrakech, Morocco. This 14 day trip will take us from the center of Spain to Lisbon, Portugal, then to Gibraltar, heading south into Morocco. Form there back to Granada, Cordoba Spain. Then in the last leg to Barcelona and back to Madrid.

Day 1, December 22nd, 2012
Arriving into Madrid


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Along the way, there have been browsers, codes, software and the personalities have come and gone. New fashions and trends have emerged and disappeared all-together. Information technology is at the finger tips of almost everyone these days. Data mining, data consumptions and data manipulation is simply mind-boggling. What I see it in this realm, I feel it is just the beginning … More on this soon

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Around Florida in 8 days

Around Florida in 8 days was a trip we took in 2009. The idea of taking a trip around the whole coastal line of the state of Florida. Starting from Southeastern Florida going north to Jacksonville then across the north of Florida to Panama City and Pensacola, Florida then south to Tampa-St.Petersburg-Clearwater to Fort Meyers, FL then across the Alligator Alley to south Florida down to the Key West, Florida and back up north to complete the circle around the coastal line of Florida.